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Africa is the second largest continent on planet Earth. The Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea separate this compact land mass from the Asia and Europe, respectively. Africa's landscape is characterized by basins, highlands, and extensive uplands and mountain ridges. The Sahara desert spreads over much of northern Africa, rainforest covers much of central Africa, and temperate highlands occupy much of southern Africa. The African continent's inhabitants account for about fifteen percent of the world's population.
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  • Map Of Africa
    Africa is the second largest continent on earth, and it consists of 53 countries. Its natural resources include gold, diamonds, and copper. Visit this site to find a printable map of Africa.
  • Africa Topographical Map
    Africa is a continent of extreme contrasts in elevation. This topographical map of Africa accurately showcases the topographical contrasts of the continent.
  • Africa
    Africa is the second largest continent in the world. Learn more and find a helpful map and chart of African countries and capitals.
  • Zebra thumbnail Zebra (Photograph)
    A close-up of a zebra, a type of wild animal indigenous to Africa, is pictured. The bold black and white stripes of the zebra are so perfectly placed that they seem done by a paintbrush.
  • Map Of Egypt
    The country of Egypt is located in northeastern Africa. Visit this site to learn about the geography, climate, and cities of Egypt. You will also find a printable map and travel and tourism information.
  • Clivia Miniata thumbnail Clivia Miniata (Photograph)
    The Kaffir Lily, or Clivia Miniata, is a perennial flower that is native to South Africa. Clivia Miniata has clumps of trumpet-shaped flowers and shiny green leaves.
  • Middle East Map
    The intersection of Europe, Asia, and Africa, comprising the nations of southwest Asia and northeast Africa is referred to as the Middle East.
  • Southwest Asia Map
    Find a helpful map of southwest Asia including the nations of the Middle East and the horn of Africa plus all or part of other southwest Asian nations.
  • Cairo Map and Travel Guide
    Cairo is the largest and most populated city on the continent of Africa. Learn more about Cairo, Egypt, and find points of interest with this Cairo locator map.
  • Cymbidium Orchid thumbnail Cymbidium Orchid (Photograph)
    This Red Beauty 'Evening Star' orchid is a type of cymbidium orchid which is found along coastal regions of California, the Mediterranean, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. This beautiful orchid has distinctive markings.

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