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Woven Information

  • Woven Gift Basket (Photograph)
    A beautiful bow adorns this woven-wood gift basket. A jar of olives, some sausage, cheese and crackers peek up from the shredded stuffing. There is also a bottle of olive oil to drizzle across the goodies.
  • Textile Fabrics
    Textile fabrics are made from weaving, knitting, crocheting, and many more techniques. Use this website to learn about different varieties of textile fabrics.
  • Baby Blankets thumbnail Baby Blankets (Photograph)
    This cute, brown-eyed baby boy looks out from under a white baby blanket for this special photograph. The baby is clutching his baby rattle while lying on a multi-colored, woven blanket.
  • Oriental Rugs
    Oriental rugs date back 2500 years and are handmade woven or knotted carpets. Learn more about oriental rugs on this helpful site.
  • Square Cufflink thumbnail Square Cufflink (Photograph)
    A blue woven shirt photographed on a white background features a square, silver and blue cufflink. This type of sharp, fashionable attire can be worn in a variety of situations, from working in an office to dining at a fancy restaurant.
  • Citrus Fruit Gifts (Photograph)
    This basket of bright orange fruit is a very appealing gift. The woven basket has been lined with shredded green paper to add a cushioning and festive touch. Gift baskets such as these are often shipped direct from the grower.
  • Wicker Furniture
    Wicker furniture is constructed of hard woven plant fibers such as willow switches, rattan stalks, or straw reeds. Wicker furniture was popular in Victorian times and continues to hold nostalgic appeal.

Woven News

  • My lightbulb moment: Entrepreneur Tasha Green reveals the inspiration behind her homeware company
    Tasha Green, 46, launched eco-friendly company Weaver Green with her husband Barney in 2016. She revealed how they were inspired after seeing rope woven from plastic in Turkey.
    Daily Mail.  Mon, 16 Jul 2018 00:41:08 +0100.
  • Steve Ditko, Spider-Man co-creator, dies at age 90
    NEW YORK (AP) - Steve Ditko, the Marvel Comics artist who gave the world the woven webs and soaring red-and-blue shape of Spider-Man and the other-worldly shimmer of Doctor Strange, has died, authorities said Friday. He was 90. ...
    Karen Matthews and Andrew Dalton.  Washington Times.  Fri, 06 Jul 2018 20:49:04 -0400.
  • Kraig Biocraft produces first roll of pure Dragon Silk
    Kraig Biocraft Laboratories has finished production of its first roll of pure Dragon Silk fabric, marking the first time the firm's proprietary recombinant spider silk fibres were used to create a 100% pure woven silk fabric.
    Just Style.  Fri, 22 Jun 2018 09:39:00 GMT.

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