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Wet Information

  • Windsurfer Wearing a Wet Suit (Digital Image)
    A man in a wet suit takes advantage of a windy day, as his windsurfing board speeds along the lake. The sail is full, and the speed of the board has created a wake behind the surfer. Don't let cold weather and chilly waters keep you on the beach.
  • Surfers Wearing Wet Suits (Digital Video)
    Several surfers, wearing wet suits to protect themselves from cold water, paddle out to the waves.
  • Diapering Gear
    There are many cloth diapering accessories that can be used to make cloth diapering easier. Learn about cloth wipes, diaper liners, ointments, wet bags, and diaper sprayers.
  • Pink Azalea thumbnail Pink Azalea (Photograph)
    Several bushes of bright pink azalea are in full bloom. The flowers and green leaves are slightly wet, indicating that a rain just watered the blossoms. Commonly seen in both the spring and summertime, pink azaleas are a welcome addition to any garden.
  • Surfing Equipment
    Surfing is a popular water sport wherever there are waves to be caught! Visitors can learn about this recreational pursuit and find links to manufacturers of surfboards, wet suits, and other accessories.
  • Where to Surf
    This handy guide to surfing outlines the best places on the east and west coasts to catch a wave. Here you will also find links to manufacturers of surfboards, wet suits, and accessories on both coasts.
  • Surfer Carrying a Surfboard (Digital Video)
    A surfer, wearing a full wet suit for thermal protection, carries a yellow surfboard along a beach.

Wet News

  • North, South Carolina cope with wet misery left by...
    Florence's strong winds may be dropping, but heavy rain and floodwaters are bringing wet misery to much of North and South Carolina. Here are snapshots ...
    Daily Mail.  Sun, 16 Sep 2018 22:01:11 +0100.
  • Florence, a wet and unwanted visitor, besieges Carolinas
    Florence already has proven deadly with its nearly nonstop rain, surging seawater and howling winds, and the threat is days from ending as remnants of the once major hurricane slowly creep inland across the Carolinas.
    Jeffrey Collins and Jonathan Drew.  Fox News.  Sat, 15 Sep 2018 12:17:51 GMT.
  • Man arrested after giving girlfriend a wet willy
    A Florida man has been arrested for giving his girlfriend a 'wet willy'. Joseph Sireci, 47, was charged with second-degree battery after he licked his finger and stuck it in his girlfriend's ear. Sireci's girlfriend, whose ...
    New Zealand Herald.  Mon, 03 Sep 2018 12:08:23 +1200.

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