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  • White Tulips thumbnail White Tulips (Photograph)
    A veiled bride holds her bouquet of white tulips. The hand-tied bouquet is complemented with white ribbon and selected greenery. The groom, attired in a dark grey suit and striped tie, stands next to his bride.
  • Red Tulips thumbnail Red Tulips (Photograph)
    A field of red tulips stands strong on green stems. While a single red tulip can make a statement, an entire field of red flowers is particularly stunning. The beautiful red flowers inspire thoughts of nature, spring, and love.
  • Fountain in a Pond Amidst Red Tulips (Digital Video)
    A manicured lawn and red tulips surround a large fountain in a garden pond.
  • Botanical Garden thumbnail Botanical Garden (Photograph)
    Pink and white tulips sway in a botanical garden on a sunny day. The bright buds reach for the sky, which pokes through the surrounding green trees. While the setting is very natural, the planted flowers contribute to a slightly landscaped feel.

Tulips News

  • If Art Isn't A Bubble, Maybe Bitcoin Isn't Either
    Bitcoin may be a bubble - but difficult to value assets, that I don't understand have risen and held their value, so random statements linking Bitcoin to Tulips or South Sea Bubbles just don't cut it as a reason to be afraid.
    By Peter Tchir, Contributor.  Forbes.  Sat, 16 Dec 2017 12:18:00 -0500.

Tulips Image

tulips, grape hyacinths, and a stone wall
Red and Yellow Tulips Blooming in Springtime

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