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  • Acne Treatment
    Acne is a common skin malady that plagues most people at one time or another. This website talks about the causes, treatment, and prevention of acne vulgaris.
  • Research Laboratory thumbnail Research Laboratory (Photograph)
    A laboratory scientist talks on the phone in a busy research laboratory. The open shelves in the laboratory are crowded with vials, chemicals and drugs. The research laboratory will be used to develop helpful drugs and pharmaceuticals.
  • Bluetooth Headset thumbnail Bluetooth Headset (Photograph)
    A young woman with brown hair in a business suit talks on her cell phone using a Bluetooth headset. The headset frees up the user's hands, so she can type at her computer, file papers, or do other tasks that require the use of her hands.
  • Woman Talking on a Cellular Phone (Digital Video)
    A pretty young woman talks happily and expressively on her mobile phone.
  • Young Woman Making a Wireless Phone Call (Digital Video)
    A young woman, attired in a striped pink shirt, talks on a wireless phone outdoors.

Talks News

  • Loadsamoney?
    How much will we have to pay - and why? Norman Smith talks you through the Brexit divorce bill.
    BBC News.  Mon, 20 Nov 2017 19:00:22 GMT.
  • Merkel's 4th term in doubt as German coalition talks fail
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday her efforts to form a three-way coalition government had failed, thrusting her country into a political crisis and pushing Europe's largest economy closer to a possible new election.
    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  Sun, 19 Nov 2017 23:19:05 EST.
  • 2018 Chicago Cubs Top 10 Prospects Chat
    J.J. Cooper talks the Cubs Top 10 Prospects. The post 2018 Chicago Cubs Top 10 Prospects Chat appeared first on BaseballAmerica.com.
    Ba Staff.  Baseball America.  Mon, 13 Nov 2017 16:53:06 +0000.

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