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Skier Information

  • Skier thumbnail Skier (Photograph)
    A skier in a yellow helmet and yellow outerwear skis down a steep mountain incline, leaving a spray of snow behind him. If the bright blue skies don't warm the skier on the way down, a cup of hot chocolate awaits him at the bottom.
  • Skier Skiing in the Alps (Digital Video)
    A cross-country skier, wearing a backpack on his back, traverses a snowy alpine landscape.
  • Skiers Skiing Downhill on a Snowy Slope (Digital Video)
    A downhill skier navigates expertly down a snow-covered mountain ski slope.

Skier News

  • Report: Skier killed in slide altered route
    final accident report of John Galvin's death says the Aspen search and rescue skier yelled "we're going for a ride" to his partner as they triggered an avalanche, sending both down the top of Maroon Bowl.
    Associated Press.  ABC News.  Tue, 17 Apr 2018 04:13:57 GMT.
  • Encounters: Olympian Gus Kenworthy Runs Into His Celebrity Crush at Store Party
    The 26-year-old freestyle skier arrived at the new Nordstrom store in New York with his boyfriend.
    Michael Schulman.  New York Times.  Sat, 14 Apr 2018 10:00:01 GMT.
  • Skier saved by airbag in Czech Republic
    A quick-thinking skier has been saved by his airbag after being caught in an avalanche on a mountain in the Czech Republic. The skier inflated the bag when the slope began to crack under him.
    Daily Mail.  Tue, 10 Apr 2018 15:29:54 +0100.

Skier Image

alpine skier skiing downhill
Alpine Skier, Powdery Snow, and Blue Sky

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