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  • Inline Skates thumbnail Inline Skates (Photograph)
    A pair of black inline skates, with red and gray accents, is photographed on a white background. The skates are positioned to allow the viewer to see the profile of one, and the top of the other. The skates have four polyurethane wheels.
  • Inline Hockey Skates (Photograph)
    A pair of black and grey inline hockey skates is photographed on a white background. The pair of skates has bright red polyurethane wheels. Inline hockey skates allow hockey enthusiasts to enjoy the sport on a wide variety of surfaces.
  • InLine Skates
    Unlike traditional roller skates, inline skates have four or five wheels arranged in one straight line and a heel stop for braking. A French inventor patented the first inline skate in 1819.
  • Skater Skating with Inline Roller Skates (Digital Video)
    A male inline skater skates down the centerline of a road with his black inline skates.
  • Ice Hockey Skates (Photograph)
    A pair of red, black and silver hockey skates is photographed on a white background. When this equipment is placed on the hockey player's feet and laced up, it will allow the player to glide quickly across the ice.
  • Skating Equipment
    Rollerskating and rollerblading are two popular forms of skating. Learn more about skating and find links to skating equipment manufacturers and other sporting goods stores.
  • Skating
    Learn about ice skating and roller skating and view photographs of ice skaters and roller skaters. Information about ice skates and roller skates is included on the page.
  • Ice Skate thumbnail Ice Skate (Illustration)
    Digital image of an ice skate, which is simply a boot with a blade attached to its bottom. Ice skates are used for skating, or gliding, across ice surfaces. These ice skates have sharp blades so they will slide easily.
  • Girl Ice Skating thumbnail Girl Ice Skating (Illustration)
    Black-and-white picture of a girl ice skating on a frozen pond. Ice skating is a recreational or sporting activity that involves gliding on an ice surface while wearing ice skates.

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Skates News

  • Predators' Fisher retires again after 18 seasons
    Mike Fisher, who came out of retirement in February and helped the Predators to the brink of the Western Conference finals, announced Saturday that he is hanging his skates up for good after 18 seasons.
    ESPN.  Sat, 12 May 2018 18:34:23 EST.
  • Blink Lite: Electrically Skating the Streets
    I’ve skated, but I’m no skateboarder. I grew up a hockey player, so I’m used to ice skates and roller blades on my feet. In fact, my parents bought me a skateboard for my 14th or 15th birthday. ...
    By Scott Kramer, Contributor.  Forbes.  Thu, 8 Dec 2016 10:11:00 -0500.

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