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  • Convention Planning Careers
    This convention planner page comprises information about convention planning careers in the United States of America plus a photo of a convention center trade show event.
  • Barometer Face thumbnail Barometer Face (Photograph)
    Barometers help forecast weather by measuring atmospheric pressure. Some barometers such as this one also show different types of weather, making them handy for at-home weather prediction. This barometer shows that rainy weather is in the forecast.
  • Barometer thumbnail Barometer (Photograph)
    This decorative barometer measures air pressure and is painted to show white fluffy clouds in a blue sky. Picturesque puffy white clouds with sunny skies mean that the air pressure is neither high nor low and rain is usually not in the forecast.
  • Interlinear Bible thumbnail Interlinear Bible (Photograph)
    Interlinear translations of the Bible show two different versions or languages side-by-side and are helpful for scholars or anyone looking to compare the wording of Biblical passages. This photo shows interlinear translations of the gospel of John.
  • Color Laser Printer Cartridges thumbnail Color Laser Printer Cartridges (Photograph)
    Many people prefer color laser printers over inkjet printers because they produce high quality prints quickly. This photo shows a large white photo printer opened up to show the cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridges that are used to create color prints.
  • Electric Bass Guitar (Digital Image)
    Close-up details of the bottom portion of vintage bass guitar from the 1960s show its beautiful wood grain, shining chrome, and intricate design.
  • Female Bicycle Mechanic and Cogwheel (Digital Image)
    At a bicycle show, a female bicycle mechanic holds up a cogwheel, one of the many parts that make up a bicycle.
  • Row of Rental Cars in a Parking Lot (Digital Image)
    A row of rental cars, viewed from the rear, results in an interesting red, black, and white pattern.
  • Fathers Holding their Children Outdoors (Digital Image)
    Fathers enjoy their children in an outdoor setting. Whether he is teaching you how to do your homework, helping you learn something new, or encouraging you in sports, a Dad is one of the most important people in a child's life.
  • Mothers and their Children Outdoors (Digital Image)
    Two young moms and their children enjoy a beautiful, sunny day in a meadow. Mothers play an important role in our lives, and one way to recognize their impact on our lives is to give them gifts on their birthdays and other special occasions.
  • Artisan Bread, Fresh Grapes, and Red Wine (Digital Image)
    A glass of wine with grapes, bread, and cheese is artfully displayed on a tabletop. We have many important people in our lives — parents, siblings, friends, and co-workers.
  • Florist Taking a Telephone Order (Digital Image)
    A florist shop employee takes an order from a customer, surrounded surrounded by colorful sprays of flowers. It's easy to show someone you are thinking about them when you use an online florist.
  • Building Contractor with Tools and Phone (Digital Image)
    A building contractor, wearing a helmet and tool belt, carries a yellow level while talking on a cell phone. The homes we live in are valuable investments, so it only makes sense to carefully select the contractors who build, remodel, and repair them.
  • Electric Shaver on a Denim Background (Digital Image)
    A close-up of an electric shaver, on a denim background. A shaver is one of the personal hygiene devices most frequently associated with coming of age.
  • White Refrigerator Interior (Digital Video)
    The white interior of a refrigerator pans from top to bottom to show the shelving and bins layout.
  • Big Ben Clock on a Tower Wall (Digital Video)
    The Big Ben tower clock in London, England, zooming out to show the tower wall on which it is mounted.

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  • 190 North - April 22, 2018
    On this episode there's lots new on the Chicago food scene. Also, check out a couple creative 'shelters' that are the 'cat's meow'. Go behind-the-scenes of a real 'retro' show that has made its way to the Chicago stage!
    ABC News.  Thu, 19 Apr 2018 17:19:31 UTC.
  • Equalution's superfood meals contains MORE calories than fast foods, including McDonald's
    Sydney founders of science-based nutrition program Equalution Jade Spooner, 25, and Amal Wakim, 24, illustrated the comparisons in graphs to show what calories really look like in different foods.
    Daily Mail.  Thu, 19 Apr 2018 04:19:40 +0100.
  • A Long-Running Black History Show in a Library Basement
    Worried that schools in her small city near Newark were not offering enough African-American history, Sandra Hayward started her own monthly celebration.
    Liz Leyden.  New York Times.  Thu, 19 Apr 2018 03:30:15 GMT.
  • Firefighter's helmet cameras capture dramatic rescue
    Video released on Wednesday shows firefighters racing into a burning home to pull a man to safety. Footage captured on helmet cameras show what first responders are up against. CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports.
    CBS News.  Wed, 18 Apr 2018 23:21:41 +0000.
  • Cavs ride LeBron's hot start to Game 2 win
    After being urged by Tyronn Lue to come out more aggressive, LeBron put on a show in the opening minutes, helping Cleveland even the series.
    ESPN.  Wed, 18 Apr 2018 22:06:13 EST.

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