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  • Furniture Assembly thumbnail Furniture Assembly (Photograph)
    Two men in blue shirts work together to assemble a large piece of furniture. One man holds the shelf in place, while the other uses a drill to put screws in place.
  • Bankruptcy Attorneys Directory
    Browse this bankruptcy attorney directory for information about bankruptcy attorneys throughout the USA. The photo on this page depicts a series of bankruptcy law books on a shelf.
  • Bible thumbnail Bible (Photograph)
    Down through the centuries, the Bible has been translated into many different languages from the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek and distributed throughout the world. This photo shows a shelf of different Bible translations in various languages.

Shelf News

  • Author Interview: The CEO's Guide To Marketing
    Lonny Kocina, author of The CEO's Guide To Marketing (Maple Island 2017), shares details of his SAM 6 process to boosting sales and building a top shelf brand.
    By Kate Harrison, Contributor.  Forbes.  Tue, 12 Jun 2018 14:20:00 -0400.
  • World's largest iceberg set to disappear as it drifts towards the equator afte
    The world's largest iceberg broke away from the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica in March 2000 and has been slowly drifting north. Nasa predicts the remaining ice will soon disappear as it enters warmer waters.
    Daily Mail.  Fri, 08 Jun 2018 19:22:17 +0100.
  • Gene editing just got easier
    Researchers have made CRISPR technology more accessible and standardized by simplifying its complex implementation in a way that offers a broad platform for off-the shelf genome engineering.
    Science Daily.  Fri, 08 Jun 2018 08:56:17 EDT.

Shelf Image

books on a whitewashed shelf
Books on a Wooden Shelf

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