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  • Screws
    Visit this screws directory page to find information about screw suppliers throughout the United States. The photograph on this page depicts a randomly-arranged pile of metal screws.
  • Using a Screw to Assemble Furniture (Digital Video)
    A cabinetmaker screws in a hex-head screw while assembling a piece of wood furniture.
  • Airplane thumbnail Airplane (Illustration)
    Black and white picture of an airplane, a fixed-wing aircraft that is heavier than air and uses a screw propeller or a jet for propulsion. An airplane is supported in flight by air flowing aerodynamically under and over its wings.
  • Drill Accessories thumbnail Drill Accessories (Photograph)
    Cordless drill kits like this yellow one come with a strong carrying case and often include a variety of drill bits, screw driver bits and a charger. Some kits may include extra batteries and other accessories.

Screw News

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