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  • Laptop Case thumbnail Laptop Case (Photograph)
    Laptop bags and briefcases provide convenient storage and portability while offering padded protection. Many laptop bags and briefcases provide a number of pockets for cables, accessories, and papers in addition to a protected area for the laptop.
  • Synthetic Fibers
    Synthetic fibers are manufactured instead of naturally produced. Find a list of some of the most popular fabrics with a description of each and more.
  • Sport Watches
    Sport watches are designed to be shock-resistant and are usually made with nylon or plastic bands to withstand rigorous wear and tear. They may also be specialized for certain sports, such as diving or running.
  • Two Kids Peering Out of a Camping Tent (Digital Video)
    Two children peer out of their blue and green nylon camping tent to survey the campsite.

Nylon News

  • How To Keep A Career In Creative Industry, According To DJ Jasmine Solano
    Solano's client and collaboration list over her decades-long career includes the likes of, HBO, MTV, HBO, Apple, Fendi, W Hotels, Nike, Adidas, Cosmopolitan, NYLON magazine and many more.
    By Jane Claire Hervey, Contributor.  Forbes.  Thu, 11 Oct 2018 17:01:00 -0400.
  • Nylon shortage threatens global auto production
    GPA, the association of French automotive plastic parts suppliers, has warned of an impending global crisis due to the shortage of key nylon materials.
    AutoNews.com.  Fri, 5 Oct 2018 13:37:16 EST.  Subscription required.
  • GHS Reintroduces Tapewound Bass Guitar Strings
    The strings are wrapped with a black nylon cover, which aims to give the string an ultra-smooth feel with a deep tone.
    Premier Guitar.  Mon, 24 Sep 2018 10:07:00 -0400.

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blue nylon netting - close-up
Teal Nylon Mesh

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