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  • Dentist Mirror thumbnail Dentist Mirror (Photograph)
    A dentist wearing blue, latex gloves holds a dentist's mirror, preparing to do work in the mouth. The dentist will use the mirror to better view the teeth, particularly areas of the mouth that are hidden or hard to see.
  • Dentist Tools
    Many different types of tools are used in the field of dentistry. These include a mouth mirror, hand-held probes, college tweezers, syringes, dental burs, and more.
  • Horse Bridles thumbnail Horse Bridles (Photograph)
    A long row of bridles, reins, and bits hangs on the wall of a tack room. This important riding equipment allows the rider to control the horse. The bit, which is attached to the bridle, will be placed in the horse's mouth.
  • Stockholm Map
    Located on the east coast of Sweden at the mouth of Lake Malaren, Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is a city built on water. The city is made up of 24,000 islands.
  • Hockey Stick and Hockey Puck on Ice Rink (Digital Image)
    A well-worn hockey stick gets ready to strike a black puck on white ice. Athletes who want to play hockey will need appropriate equipment in order to safely and effectively play.
  • Dentist Using a Dental Mirror and Probe (Digital Video)
    A dentist uses a dental probe and mirror to inspect the inside of a patient's mouth.

Mouth News

  • Weekly HFMD cases hit record high this year
    The weekly number of cases of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) here has climbed to a record high this year, along with slightly more cases from the strain that caused the death of two children in Malaysia recently.
    Straits Times.  Thu, 16 Aug 2018 05:00:00 +0800.
  • Woman says McDonald's latte had cleaning fluid
    "My tongue felt fuzzy and my mouth felt almost numb," says a pregnant woman from Alberta, Canada, who took a sip of her McDonald's latte -- and realized something was very wrong
    CBS News.  Thu, 02 Aug 2018 20:14:51 +0000.
  • Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease is Making a Comeback
    Several states are reporting outbreaks of a virus that causes painful blisters on your extremities.
    Jake Rossen.  Mental Floss.  Thu, 02 Aug 2018 11:40:00 -0400.

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