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Mountain Bike Information

  • Mountain Bike Parts
    Mountain bikes are specifically designed to handle bumpy off-road riding. Learn about mountain bicycles and find links to mountain bike manufacturers and distributors.
  • Mountain Bikes
    A mountain bike is specifically designed for biking on unpaved surfaces. Learn more about mountain bicycles with this helpful mountain bike guide.
  • Roof Rack thumbnail Roof Rack (Photograph)
    A roof rack fastens securely to the roof of a vehicle and is a handy way to travel with a bicycle or other recreational equipment. This photo shows a man loading his mountain bike onto the roof rack of his sports utility vehicle.
  • Bicycle Roof Rack thumbnail Bicycle Roof Rack (Photograph)
    Car-mounted bicycle racks may be fastened to the trailer hitch, strapped to the rear of the car, or mounted to the roof. Roof-mounted racks may be used to transport bicycles as well as luggage, skies, kayaks, canoes, and other recreational equipment.
  • Bicycle Information Guide
    This bicycle guide features convenient links to bicycle shops, parts, and accessories, as well as a guide to bicycle tours.
  • Mountain Biking Along a Dirt Trail (Digital Video)
    A mountain biker rides his mountain bike along a dirt trail near a stand of trees.

Mountain Bike News

  • Cougar kills 1 mountain biker, injures 2nd near Seattle
    Two friends on a mountain bike ride 30 miles east of Seattle were attacked by the animal.
    CNBC.  Sun, 20 May 2018 10:12 GMT.
  • Cougar kills mountain biker near Seattle
    Two friends on a morning mountain bike ride near Seattle have been attacked by a cougar, killing one of the men and leaving the second in hospital.
    Irish Independent.  Sun, 20 May 2018 05:45:50 +0100.
  • Gruelling race in Moroccan desert
    These mountain bikers took to the sand dunes on Thursday as part of stage five of the 13th edition of the Titan Desert 2018 mountain bike race in Morocco.
    Straits Times.  Sat, 05 May 2018 05:00:00 +0800.

Mountain Bike Bibliography

  • Richards, Brant, and Steve Worland. The Complete Book of Mountain Biking. New York, NY. HarperCollins. 1997.

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