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  • Moving Trucks
    No one enjoys the task of moving, but renting a moving truck can help to ease the load. Visit this site for tips about renting a moving truck or hiring a moving company.
  • Bottles of Colorful Printer Ink (Digital Image)
    Flasks of colorful ink are lined up in a row, ready to be used in a color printer. Yellow, magenta, cyan, and black inks are used in combination to create the complex colors seen in digital images.
  • Gas Grill Controls and Cooking Surface (Digital Image)
    A close-up of a gas barbecue grill, primed and ready for food. Gas grills make outdoor grilling easy. Attach the gas, turn the knobs, and food is quickly ready to be cooked.
  • Photo Printer Controls (Digital Image)
    A close-up of a photo printer shows colorful buttons that allow the user to choose the photo, select the photo size, and print the photo. Forget about dropping off rolls of film and waiting days, or even weeks, to get your images back.

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  • 'Deadpool 2': Final Trailer Released for Superhero Sequel
    The final "Deadpool 2" trailer has been released and, judging by the 2:13 video clip, fans can expect a whole load more action, quirky one-liners and snarky jabs courtesy of Marvel and 20th Century Fox.
    Newsmax.  Thu, 19 Apr 2018 12:52:33 EDT.
  • Troubleshooting Horse Trailer Loading: One Step at a Time
    Consider these four behavior-science-based approaches to help your horse load safely. The post Troubleshooting Horse Trailer Loading: One Step at a Time appeared first on The Horse.
    Sarah Evers Conrad.  The Horse.  Thu, 19 Apr 2018 12:00:00 +0000.
  • Struggling To Get Ahead At Work? Your Mental Load Might Be Holding You Back
    Working mothers are on the rise in organizations but they continue to bear a disproportionate portion of household and parenting responsibilities. This is having a real impact on their long term career success according to a new report. ....
    By Michelle King, Women@forbes.  Forbes.  Wed, 18 Apr 2018 15:36:00 -0400.

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oversize load on a semi truck
Big Rig with an Oversized Load

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