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  • Jet Plane thumbnail Jet Plane (Illustration)
    Black-and-white picture of a jet airplane, a fixed-wing aircraft that uses jet engines to fly efficiently at high altitudes. Jet planes are a way to travel long distances quickly.
  • Executive Jet thumbnail Executive Jet (Illustration)
    This picture shows a an executive jet flying by a cityscape at night. Many people travel for business purposes every day, and air travel is one of the most efficient means of transportation, accounting for a large percentage of business travel.
  • Airplane and Two Jet Bridges (Digital Image)
    A shiny, white plane is ready to be boarded by eager air travelers. Whether you travel for business or for pleasure, whether you are traveling alone or with a group, chances are you are looking for low airline ticket fares.
  • Air Travel thumbnail Air Travel (Illustration)
    Air travel is frequently utilized by business travelers who need to travel long distances in a short amount of time. This picture shows a commercial jet coming in for a landing on a runway at sunset with a cityscape in the background.
  • Airplane thumbnail Airplane (Illustration)
    Black and white picture of an airplane, a fixed-wing aircraft that is heavier than air and uses a screw propeller or a jet for propulsion. An airplane is supported in flight by air flowing aerodynamically under and over its wings.
  • World War II Soldier (Digital Image)
    A portrait of a young soldier, a day before being shipped overseas to fight in World War II. The fighter jet above him emits a menacing drone, while the clouds in the background symbolize that the days to come will be difficult.

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Jet News

  • Russia Says Military Training Jet Crashes
    The Russian Defense Ministry says one of its jets has crashed during a training flight over the Sea of Azov and that two pilots are missing.
    Radio Liberty.  Thu, 18 Oct 2018 18:54:26 +0000.
  • Textron profit misses on lower aircraft sales
    Cessna business jet maker Textron reported a lower-than-expected quarterly profit on Thursday.
    CNBC.  Thu, 18 Oct 2018 11:13 GMT.
  • Ukrainian Su-27 Fighter Jet Crash Kills USAF Pilot
    A Russian-made Ukrainian Air Force fighter jet crashed during a training exercise on Tuesday, resulting in the death of a U.S. Air Force pilot, officials confirmed on Wednesday.
    Newsmax.  Wed, 17 Oct 2018 09:06:44 EDT.
  • UK weather: Temperatures could plunge as low as -1C tonight
    The jet stream, which has a major impact on the UK's weather, is being pushed far to the north over Greenland - causing high pressure to build in the mid-Atlantic and cold air across Britain next week.
    Daily Mail.  Wed, 17 Oct 2018 13:13:04 +0100.
  • Long flight ahead? Prepare weeks in advance, scientists say
    As a nation of travellers, Australians endure long-haul flights that take a tremendous toll on our bodies, but we can avoid jet lag according to scientists from Sydney University.
    Cathy Van Extel and Mariella Attard.  Australian Broadcasting Corporation.  Wed, 17 Oct 2018 18:42:07 +1100.

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