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Grinding Information

  • Grinding Stone thumbnail Grinding Stone (Photograph)
    A black rotary tool with a grinding stone mounted is photographed on a white background. This handy, electric tool can be used to grind, smooth, and sand metal with just the flick of a switch. Design and shape metal pieces using this equipment.
  • Coffee Grinders
    Grinding your own coffee beans can yield fresh, delicious coffee. Learn more about coffee grinders and find links to popular suppliers of coffee grinders.
  • Rotary Tools
    A handheld power tool with a rotating bit is known as a rotary tool. Rotary tools may have a cord or be cordless, and power accessories for drilling, sanding, carving, cutting, grinding, or routing are available.
  • Wood Carving Tools
    Wood carving tools are designed to have grinding, chiseling, and polishing capabilities. They are mainly used for carving of furniture and architectural details.

Grinding News

  • Aurizon workers to halt coal trains: union
    Train controllers say they'll bring coal trains to a grinding halt in central Queensland as they fight for better pay and conditions.The Rail Tram and ...
    Daily Mail.  Wed, 04 Jul 2018 23:45:37 +0100.
  • This robot makes cooked-to-order burgers in 5 minutes
    Creator, a culinary robotics company, is opening a restaurant in San Francisco where burgers are made autonomously by a robot. The machine does everything from grinding the meat to slicing toppings for every individual order. ...
    Yahoo.  Sun, 01 Jul 2018 08:55:00 -0400.
  • ZTE's business comes to a grinding halt after the US ban - CNET
    It's hard to get things done when the government stops you from getting parts from US companies for seven years.
    Alfred Ng.  CNET.  Wed, 09 May 2018 20:50:07 +0000.

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