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  • Ornate Grandfather Clock Face and Hands (Digital Image)
    A close-up image of an ornate grandfather clock face is shown here. Grandfather clocks can be made of brass, wood, silver, metal, and various other materials. As the hands click into place, a bell, chime, or other tone indicates the hour.
  • Clock Face and Hands (Digital Video)
    A simple clock face and hands, animated in white, on a black background.
  • Barometer Face thumbnail Barometer Face (Photograph)
    Barometers help forecast weather by measuring atmospheric pressure. Some barometers such as this one also show different types of weather, making them handy for at-home weather prediction. This barometer shows that rainy weather is in the forecast.
  • Marine Barometer Face (Digital Image)
    A marine barometer, fashioned to look like a ship's wheel, stands out in a white background.
  • Silver Wall Clock thumbnail Silver Wall Clock (Photograph)
    A silver wall clock with a white face and black hands is photographed on a bright green wall. The time reads 9:30. The clock is photographed slightly off center, so not all numbers are visible. A light reflects off the silver portion of the wall clock.
  • Acne Care thumbnail Acne Care (Photograph)
    There are a variety of skin creams available to enhance skin quality and prevent acne breakouts. Some beauty creams prevent dryness and wrinkles while others contain medication to treat pimples and blackheads.
  • Acne Pimple thumbnail Acne Pimple (Photograph)
    Many teenagers and adults struggle with acne breakouts like this one. Pimples commonly surface on the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin, but can also appear on the chest and back.
  • Bathroom Sinks
    The purpose of a bathroom sink hasn't changed all that much since it was invented. It is still used to hold water so that you can easily wash your hands and face.
  • Hand Washing Illustration thumbnail Hand Washing Illustration (Photograph)
    Sinks are plumbing appliances that are used on a daily basis and are essential in the kitchen and bathroom. Bathroom sinks are most often used for brushing teeth and washing the face and hands. This sink features a brushed stainless faucet and a basin.
  • Carbide Bur Macro thumbnail Carbide Bur Macro (Photograph)
    A detailed close-up of a carbide bur is featured on top of a blue, white, and red background. The light from the photographer's camera reflects off of the face of the bur, showing the construction of the bur in greater detail.
  • Goaltender Helmet (Photograph)
    A black and white state-of-the-art hockey goaltender helmet, also called a goalie mask, is photographed on a white background. These masks have come a long way from the simple face coverings used earlier in the sport.
  • Quarter Horse thumbnail Quarter Horse (Photograph)
    A Quarter Horse is photographed from an interesting angle, against a bright blue sky. The Quarter Horse is chestnut in color, and has a white blaze on its face. In this photo, it is sticking out its tongue, perhaps in response to its rider's request.
  • Titanium Jewelry thumbnail Titanium Jewelry (Photograph)
    A trio of titanium jewelry is photographed on a white table. The photograph includes a simple titanium ring, a hinged titanium bracelet, and a titanium watch with a yellow face and white and silver hands.
  • Rectangular Wall Clock thumbnail Rectangular Wall Clock (Photograph)
    The image of a rectangular clock appears on a wall comprising light blue tiles. The clock is white with black accents, numbers, and hands. The hands of the clock, which read 4:35, cast a shadow on the white face.
  • Vessel-mounted Sink and Daffodils (Digital Image)
    A beautiful, white bathroom sink and shiny chrome faucet are offset by a bright pot of daffodils. Simple tasks like washing your hands and face and brushing your teeth can turn into an aesthetic experience with the right sink.
  • Titanium Sport Watch (Digital Image)
    A designer, titanium sport watch with a yellow and black face sits atop a table. The sport watch is an important accessory for the active person. Dive, run, swim, or play team sports with the confidence that your watch will survive the activity.
  • Smiling Woman Holding a Gift Box (Digital Image)
    A woman wearing a red sweater, black hat, and black gloves is delighted by a gift box. The gift box is wrapped in silver paper, and is adorned with a large silver bow. Everyone loves a brightly wrapped gift box, no matter the occasion.

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Face News

  • George Gilbey will face trial on charges of battering girlfriend
    Gogglebox star George Gilbey will face trial on charges of battering his girlfriend Gemma Conway and smashing up her home in March. He appeared at a London court on Wednesday
    Daily Mail.  Thu, 19 Apr 2018 01:21:43 +0100.
  • East HS admins charged with failing to report
    The former East High School principal and four other top school staffers face criminal charges for failing to report an alleged sexual assault of a student by another student, who faces a sexual assault charge himself.
    Blair Miller.  ABC News.  Thu, 19 Apr 2018 00:01:17 GMT.
  • 3 GOP candidates for Tennessee governor face off in debate
    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - Republican candidates for Tennessee governor said Wednesday that Memphis did not do the right thing when it removed statues of Confederate-era leaders from city parks last year. U.S. ...
    Adrian Sainz.  Washington Times.  Wed, 18 Apr 2018 21:00:52 -0400.
  • Will Google be the next to face off against Congress?
    After watching both houses of Congress grill Mark Zuckerberg over the way Facebook handles privacy issues, I assume Google will eventually find its way back to Capitol Hill, too.
    Fox News.  Wed, 18 Apr 2018 19:15:00 GMT.
  • Brexit: 'Windrush warning' over right-to-remain process
    EU nationals must not face a "bureaucratic nightmare" to stay in the UK, Guy Verhofstadt warns.
    BBC News.  Wed, 18 Apr 2018 14:28:43 GMT.

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