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Exterior Information

  • Commercial Construction thumbnail Commercial Construction (Photograph)
    Concrete, metal, and wood rise several stories into the blue sky, as an unfinished commercial building exterior is brought to life. A yellow crane perches atop the construction site. Day by day the construction site is transformed.
  • Entrance Garden thumbnail Entrance Garden (Photograph)
    An exterior walkway is adorned with a Japanese maple, lirope, and miniature boxwood. The entrance garden to this beautiful home provides a welcoming feel to all who travel the bright white path to the door.
  • Textile Mill thumbnail Textile Mill (Photograph)
    The brick exterior of a cotton mill seems to float on the canal that borders it. Mills such as this one manufacture cotton and other textiles that are worn by people as well as used in the home.
  • Outlet Mall thumbnail Outlet Mall (Photograph)
    The exterior corner of a shopping mall extends into a blue sky dotted with dense clouds. The retail center is built out of cream and red stucco, and includes detailed ironwork. There are two lampposts in the photograph.
  • Outlet Shopping thumbnail Outlet Shopping (Photograph)
    The exterior facade of a retail shopping center is photographed on a bright day. The stucco structure with arched doorways and small square windows is set against a cloudless blue sky.
  • Clock on a Brick Wall thumbnail Clock on a Brick Wall (Photograph)
    An elegant clock is hung on an exterior brick wall. A church and snow-covered mountains in the background indicate that the photograph was taken during the winter in a small, mountainous village.
  • Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem (Digital Image)
    Sun reflects off the golden exterior of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The city of Jerusalem, mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible, is one of the most popular destinations in the Middle East.

Exterior News

  • Ford gives Focus sportier design, more high-tech features
    Ford revamped the Focus compact to put more emphasis on semi-autonomous technology and sporty exterior styling. A longer wheelbase created a bigger cabin though overall exterior dimensions are the same.
    AutoNews.com.  Tue, 10 Apr 2018 07:00:00 EST.  Subscription required.
  • Choose the Right Exterior Paint Colors for Your House Style
    Choosing colors for your home's exterior is a daunting task. This project is on a much bigger scale than interior painting, of course, and it's an expensive one if you're hiring a pro. A number ...
    Kimberly Janeway.  Consumer Reports.  Mon, 2 Apr 2018 15:09:39 -0400.
  • 9 Tricks for Your Cleanest Windows Ever
    Washing the windows can be a dreaded chore. If you're using conventional cleaning products, removing those stubborn streaks from the interior and exterior of clear glass is especially tricky. ...
    Bob Vila.  Sat, 24 Mar 2018 07:22:16 -0400.

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