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  • CAD Drawing and Animated 3D Rendering (Digital Video)
    A CAD drawing and an animated 3D rendering illustrate the capabilities of modern CAD software.
  • Family Tree Concept Drawing thumbnail Family Tree Concept Drawing (Illustration)
    Family trees usually start with the oldest generations at the top of the chart and the newer generations at the bottom. When presented this way, the shape more closely resembles an upside-down tree, with roots at the top and branches at the bottom.
  • Drawing on an Oil Painting with a Knife (Digital Video)
    An artist uses a putty knife to mark an abstract oil painting with artistic effects.
  • Auto Racing Directory
    Browse this auto racing vendor directory for information about auto racing products and services in the United States of America. The colorful drawing on this page illustrates the concept of auto racing.
  • Landscape Architecture Careers
    This landscape architect page comprises information about landscape architecture careers in the United States of America plus a photo of a professional landscape design drawing.
  • Christmas Bells and Holly thumbnail Christmas Bells and Holly (Illustration)
    Black-and-white drawing of two Christmas bells, ready to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. These ornamental Christmas bells merrily celebrate the season.
  • Decorated Christmas Tree thumbnail Decorated Christmas Tree (Illustration)
    Line drawing of a Christmas tree decorated with lights, ornaments and tinsel. Don't forget the star on top, and put your presents underneath.
  • Computer Virus thumbnail Computer Virus (Illustration)
    This drawing of a sick computer illustrates a computer that may be infected with a virus. Anti-virus, malware, trojan, and firewall software may be used to clean and protect a computer against attack.
  • Easel Selection Guide
    There are many different sizes and styles of easels that can be used for display or drawing and painting. Links to easel and art supply vendors are included on the page.
  • Fine Art Prints
    Fine art is art that is produced for aesthetic enjoyment, rather than utilitarian purpose. Fine art prints encompass realistic, expressionistic, and abstract styles of drawing and painting.
  • Red Gas Grill thumbnail Red Gas Grill (Illustration)
    A drawing of a red gas grill sits atop a white background. The gas grill is powered by a bright yellow gas tank, which is housed underneath the grill. Two pieces of meat are centered on the grill, cooking.
  • Grilling Meat thumbnail Grilling Meat (Illustration)
    A cartoon drawing depicts a chef, wearing an apron and chef's hat, grilling hamburgers. The chef leans over the grill, enjoying the aroma of the charred burgers as they waft into the air.
  • Gift For Dad thumbnail Gift For Dad (Illustration)
    A drawing of a festive gift illustrates that something special is inside for Dad. The blue present is set on a light green background, and is accessorized with a red ribbon. Different colors of confetti float around the present.
  • Gift For Mom thumbnail Gift For Mom (Illustration)
    A drawing of a gift for Mom makes viewers wonder about the surprises that could be inside. The orange gift casts shadows of purple and blue, while yellow ribbons and pink flowers make the package more festive.
  • Blueprints
    Architectural blueprints are the road map for building a home addition. Learn more about drawing up home addition blueprints with this helpful guide.

Drawing Directory Page(s)

  • Drawing Page on Adirectory.us
    Visit this drawing category page on adirectory.us to find editorially-reviewed resources about this topic.

Drawing News

  • Harris under fire for drawing parallels between ICE and KKK
    Potential 2020 hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris is facing backlash after comparing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to the Ku Klux Klan during a hearing on Capitol Hill; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.
    Yahoo.  Fri, 16 Nov 2018 17:43:23 -0500.
  • U.S. opposes U.N. Golan resolution, wins Israeli praise
    The United States opposed on Friday for the first time an annual draft resolution at the United Nations calling on Israel to rescind its authority in the occupied Golan Heights, drawing praise from Israeli officials.
    Reuters.  Fri, 16 Nov 2018 16:06:50 -0500.
  • Nikou firms to replace Steven Lowy at FFA
    Chris Nikou is in line to become Football Federation Australia chairman at Monday's AGM, drawing a line under the Steven Lowy era.Soundings taken from ...
    Daily Mail.  Thu, 15 Nov 2018 04:30:48 +0000.
  • $1.5B Mega Millions winner has not claimed prize, report says
    Lottery officials in South Carolina on Tuesday said the winner of the $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot has still not stepped forward even though the drawing was nearly three weeks ago.
    Edmund Demarche.  Fox News.  Wed, 14 Nov 2018 07:09:28 GMT.
  • Identifying wildfire dead: DNA, and likely older methods too
    Authorities doing the somber work of identifying the victims of California's deadliest wildfire are drawing on leading-edge DNA technology, but experts say older scientific techniques and deduction could also come into play
    ABC News.  Tue, 13 Nov 2018 19:08:06 -0500.

Drawing Bibliography

  • Kicklighter, Clois E. Architecture. South Holland, IL. Goodheart-Willcox. 1976.

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