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Deer Information

  • Deer thumbnail Deer (Illustration)
    Digital illustration of a deer, a ruminant animal that usually lives in forests but is also found in deserts, swamps, and even suburbia! Deer have hooves on their feet; most male deer and some female deer have antlers on their heads.
  • Deer Resistant Plants
    Many gardeners have experienced the frustration of planting attractive shrubbery only to have it eaten by deer. White-tailed deer are beautiful creatures, but they are an annoyance when it comes to gardens.
  • Deer Eating Plant Leaves (Digital Video)
    A deer at the edge of a forest nonchalantly eats plant leaves from the shrubbery.
  • Deer-Resistant Gardening
    Deer are beautiful, but they can be a real nuisance when it comes to your lawn and garden. Learn about deer resistant plants and find deer resistant gardening ideas to keep them away.

Deer News

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Deer Bibliography

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