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  • Drill Bit in a Chuck thumbnail Drill Bit in a Chuck (Photograph)
    Drill bits are the final piece of a powered tool that cuts cylindrical holes into various materials. The bits are held in the drill, which provides torque and rotates the bits. The top part of the bit is called the shank.
  • Spade Bit thumbnail Spade Bit (Photograph)
    Spade drill bits are used for boring holes in wood. These bits often cause splintering, and thus are used for rough work applications. These bits are flat with a center point and two cutting blades.
  • Drilling a Hole with a Drill Bit (Digital Video)
    In this close-up video, a drill bit slowly drills a hole into a wood particle board.
  • Cordless Drill thumbnail Cordless Drill (Photograph)
    This dark green and black cordless drill has a drill bit in its hand-tightened chuck and a black rubberized handle to provide good balance in the hand. Many cordless drills have a removable battery, two direction drive, and variable speed motors.
  • Cordless Rotary Tool thumbnail Cordless Rotary Tool (Photograph)
    A blue, cordless rotary tool is designed to be used by hand. Craftsman will place the correct bit on the rotary tool depending upon whether it's being used for sanding, rounding, smoothing, or polishing.
  • English Riding Tack thumbnail English Riding Tack (Illustration)
    Several vector images of English riding tack are arranged on a white background. The images include a brown English saddle with stirrups, a brown English bridle with English bit, a pair of spurs, and a black protective riding helmet.
  • Horse Bridles thumbnail Horse Bridles (Photograph)
    A long row of bridles, reins, and bits hangs on the wall of a tack room. This important riding equipment allows the rider to control the horse. The bit, which is attached to the bridle, will be placed in the horse's mouth.
  • Rotary Tools
    A handheld power tool with a rotating bit is known as a rotary tool. Rotary tools may have a cord or be cordless, and power accessories for drilling, sanding, carving, cutting, grinding, or routing are available.
  • Four Drill Bits in a Case (Digital Image)
    Four shiny drill bits in various sizes are displayed in a red and black drill case. Contractors and homeowners love the convenience of cordless drills. Choose a drill bit size, insert it into the drill, turn on the drill, and go to work.
  • Black Pond Liner and Stones in a Pond (Digital Image)
    A heavy-duty black pond liner is weighted down with stones, ready to be used in constructing an artificial pond. Various pond products and accessories can transform your yard into an idyllic, watery haven.
  • Drilling a Hole into a Wooden Board (Digital Video)
    In slow motion, a cordless drill, with a wood drill bit, drills a hole in a wooden board.

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