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  • Assembly Line thumbnail Assembly Line (Photograph)
    A photograph shows an industrial assembly line at rest. The shadows of the still and silent machinery appear on the floor in the dimly lit room. Early tomorrow, the switch that engages the assembly line will be hit, and the factory will come to life.
  • Furniture Assembly thumbnail Furniture Assembly (Photograph)
    Two men in blue shirts work together to assemble a large piece of furniture. One man holds the shelf in place, while the other uses a drill to put screws in place.
  • Automobile Manufacturing Assembly Line (Digital Image)
    Sparks fly off a line of silver cars at a manufacturing facility. Robotic arms are automated to weld each car as it moves down the conveyor belt.
  • Automobile Assembly Animation (Digital Video)
    A red hatchback automobile is assembled from the ground up as it rotates in 3D.
  • Automobile Manufacturing Plant thumbnail Automobile Manufacturing Plant (Photograph)
    The interior of a busy auto manufacturing plant highlights the many pieces of machinery that go into making an automobile. A worker wearing a hardhat sits at a welding station. To his left is the metal shell of an unfinished automobile.
  • Prefab Homes
    A prefabricated home is partially or completely constructed, manufactured, or assembled in a factory, assembly plant, or lumberyard.

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Assembly News

  • 6 Gay Republicans Running in CT for General Assembly
    Six openly gay Republicans are running for seats in the Connecticut General Assembly, not exactly following LGBTQ political trends.
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  • Missouri lawmakers, schools moving closer to embracing LGBTQ rights
    For at least two decades, lawmakers in the Missouri General Assembly have passed the baton on gay rights. But in 2019, those supporting legal protections for the LGBTQ community hope … Click to Continue »
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  • UN General Assembly Hosts High-Level Talks to Combat Tuberculosis
    While flu outbreaks, Ebola and HIV typically generate the biggest headlines, scientists say tuberculosis remains the No. 1 infectious disease killer globally, affecting about one quarter of the world's population. The U.N. ...
    Voice of America.  Sat, 15 Sep 2018 02:35:00 -0400.

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